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You choose a profession, but all you know about it is from the Internet, friends, and family - what is it like to work in this profession? You have been working in the field for several years, and you want to accelerate your career - what should you do? You have become a new manager - but how to cope with this new role, how to manage people and steer in corporate politics? That's what we're here for - choose a mentor, solve real issues, create small winnings, build a career development plan, and get field-proven success recipes for every case you need to deal with - no need to reinvent the wheel.

Want to be a blogger but don't know where to start? Want to learn how to develop an app but don't know what courses to take? Want to adjust your diet and cooking habits but don't know how to do it with fun and lifelong? Here you will find mentors who will be happy to share their own experience and knowledge with you. Furthermore, a good portion of them will do it for free!

You have a business idea - what to do next, and how do you start to make progress? You have an offline business - how do you go online and grow your target audience? You have a profitable business, but its growth has stalled - what can be done to accelerate it? Our mentors from the entrepreneurial community will be happy to help you to solve these and other problems.

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How it works

Goal description
Share with your mentors what you need help with. At this point, mentors see your application data except for the personal data such as name and picture.
Mentor search
The system shows your request to suitable mentors. Mentors who can help respond with a proposal. You receive notifications about each answer and choose the most appropriate one. Furthermore, you can browse our community of mentors, select a mentor that meets your requirements, and contact him directly.
Scheduling the meeting
Once you have chosen a mentor, you can immediately connect with them for a video call or, alternatively schedule one whenever it is convenient.
Meeting with the mentor
In this meeting, you will have the opportunity to discuss your short and long term goals. Together with your mentor, you will discuss expectations for the collaboration and formulate a plan going forward.

Success Stories

I was working as a software developer for five years. One day, I realized I had no idea where I was going in my career. I walked around with my thoughts for several months, chatting with colleagues, reading online, but the puzzle didn't seem to fit. Then I met Aaron. In just six years, he had gone from a software engineer to an executive at a recognized company. Aaron helped me understand how he arrived at his current position and answered any question that I had for him. After several sessions, the picture was clear to me. I started to realize where I could grow and develop. Aaron helped me build a roadmap for my career goals and the initial steps that I should take. One of the steps was a fundamental analysis of where my skills and the company's needs could intersect. I understood how I could integrate my passion for software development with the needs of the company in marketing. I came up with an idea for a project that I believed would increase the conversion rate of the company's landing page, which was subsequently approved by the company. I was assigned a development and marketing team, and together we launched the project. Within three months, we saw a 12% increase in the conversion rate, and I was promoted to a product manager position. Thanks so much to Aaron for helping me unlock my true potential and chase my dreams.

Marius, Product Manager
San Jose, CA

Six months ago, I completed my MBA. I was faced with, I suppose, the classic dilemma of business graduate, to opt for a career in consulting, business development, or another option out of the dozens available? I asked for help from several potential mentors and received many different responses. I narrowed my search down to four mentors with varying experiences of life. When we met online, we discussed work experiences, career goals, and potential challenges along the way. After that and several job interviews, I chose Annabelle to be my mentor and role model. We meet once a month, where I share with her my ups and downs, challenges I face at work, and my objectives for the future. Today, I work for a multinational company as a business developer. I get up every day in the morning with a smile on my face, looking forward to going back to work. In the future, I hope I can give back to the community by becoming a mentor and helping people find out what motivates them and will make them happy.

Rose, Business Developer
Orlando, FL

Everything was great. Only we had no idea how to grow. We were baking custom-made cakes for two years and had a steady stream of customers, mostly regular ones. I ran the business with my husband and father. We wanted to grow, but we didn't know how to. At some point, we met Bob. Bob is the owner of a cake factory, as well as a successful chain of cafe franchises. Bob helped us understand the uniqueness of our business and assisted us with strategic planning. With his help, we entered the digital space, and now, about two-thirds of our orders come from our website. We also closed a deal with a big wholesaler for three of our cakes and upgraded our production to satisfy the needs of commercial sales. Our net profit has grown significantly, and in two months we plan to open our first coffee shop. What can I say - thank you, thank you, thank you, Bob! Without you, I doubt we would have ever reached such milestones.

Elin, Bakery Owner
Chicago, IL